uLearn: Day Two Keynote Brad Waid

Brad Waid - What an inspirational speaker!
“Engaging the globally connected student of today.”

He opened with his Mihi - what a connected and inspirational person. Throughout his presentation he shared short videos that connected to what he was saying. I thought that this was just fantastic. 

His focus was: What are the students learning, where are they learning, what is our role as educators, what are they sharing? Would a student share what you are teaching?
Brad spoke about the importance of technology for our students and how social media is shaping their lives. A 21st Century teacher needs to connect with a 21st century learner.
What happens with students when they leave our building for the day?

65% of students jobs don’t exist yet - World Economic Forum
What skills can we help prepare them for?
50% of the population is under 30years of age
We are a physical goods generation - are our students?

He shared a story about one of his students, Justin “The device spoke his language”. By engaging a student with a device and building a strong relationship he was able to connect with this learner. He made a clear point that "it doesn’t matter what the app is but it is the relationship that you have with the student that makes the biggest difference".

He then spoke about an online game League of Legends - which is has birds eye view of the game. It has 23% of the world’s child players compaired to Minecraft with 2% of the world child players. Are we connecting with what is important to these students?

Brad then went on to speak about Pokemon go which changed the power of screen time by getting students up and moving around. We need to leverage technology for great outcomes. Look at students with Autism - pokemon go has made a huge difference for these learners. You tubers are the influence of today - are we connected with this?

He finished his keynote with some core messages: 

What unites us is stronger than what divides us.

Live out loud - don’t be afraid to share what you have been doing

We all have a gift to give. What will you give?

How can we make a difference today?
E expression

WE can change the world by changing our mind.

The videos he used to hook us in:

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