Presenting at uLearn!

Butterflies... as I stepped up onto the stage at our breakout to present my inquiry in the form of an ignite talk! 
What an amazing thing to be able to do. I was so proud of everyone and the work that they had put in to their presentations. I was also proud of myself. We killed it! I think that this was one of the most rewarding things I have done as an educator and I want to thank Spark and Manaiakalani for giving me the opportunity! 

I shared the success that I had with my inquiry on using blogging and google slides for Numeracy. 
The main findings being extremely positive with students feeling successful in their learning and being more willing to take risks when working online. The audience seemed to understand why this was successful and questions generally were around how we worked together to create the resources rather than why. 

I am sure that at a later date I will be able to record this ignite for you all... and share online. But for now, just know that it went well and results are positive! 


  1. You are so right- you DID kill it!!
    I was really proud of our team too and honoured to have spent a year learning alongside all of you experts. I look forward to what you share next year :)

    1. Thank you so much Dorothy!
      It has been so great working with you!
      Haha no pressure! Wish I could be a part of MIT again! :)


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