uLearn: Day One First Breakout

The power of collaboration in a secondary setting - Karen Gray

This breakout focused on the power of working together vs. competing against each other.
It was taken by Karen Gray the DP of Haeata in Christchurch.
The school has a Year 7-10 hub and year 11-13 hub with 15 teachers in the Juniors and 280 learners. They run 9 teachers on the floor at the same time and have 6 BT's in their team.

These were her key messages from the session:

Karen spoke about knowing people from multiple perspectives and how this allows for modelling of dispositional learning, in particular the interactions of adults when they disagree and how they work through difficult situations. She spoke about how important it is to work together and be real with each other, creating the culture - social vs. collegial. This is the model for success that she spoke about when building a collaborative culture:
She mentioned that a lot of people get stuck in the comfort zone and this hinders their performance in the long run.

Karen also spoke about the Change of identity for teachers to teachers of people vs teacher of subjects. She said not to be afraid of the implementation dip when practise changes. That this is a part of the process. They encourage their staff to plan which model, what space etc. to be specific about what you are doing and how you will do it. Know the why first and then figure out how to get there.

Finally she spoke to us about lessons learnt from Geese! 

Overall this was a very interesting session - I enjoyed hearing about what Haeata is doing to build collaborative environments for their learners and how they are making these successful.  

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