uLearn Day Two: Keynote Abdul Chohan

Abdul Chohan - Bolton UK
Chemistry trained teacher - leadership

Abdul began his talk with the challenge of the laptop trolley - some devices not working, some won’t connect, “I’ve forgot my password” and how this transformed into his school the Olive Tree. The challenge made him think outside the box - What can money buy me? - ipod touch a new tool 2008, I could buy 180 of these…. A sign from above!

He developed his teaching and overcame barriers and blocks to using them successfully. He learnt about the difference between mobility and portability - laptops vs. ipads. The most amazing thing for his learners - “It works when you switch it on!”

Abdul then went on to talk about 'The Plumbing' - how to get technology to be transformational in terms of learning and teaching. And what does the plumbing look like in my school?
  • Induction programme
  • Teachers trained on twitter
  • Teachers posting amazing things they are doing in the classroom
  • Believe you can

He believes that Belief is the thing that changes behaviour. Things need to be made simple and reliable - it is hard to make something complex simple but it is worthwhile doing. He also believes that the highest cost in education is these words - "we’ve always done it that way"

We are in The Age of Change - Bill Rankin

Apps like uber, alibaba, wikipedia - they don’t sell product, they sell a service and this has changed our beliefs - we have new knowledge and new experiences. This related to how we have the responsibility to look beyond the curriculum.
IQ or DQ - teaching self regulation online and cybersmarts is important. We need to understand what this means.

Link to education - if we are going to put technology into classrooms - what is our return? What are we going to get out of this? What is the impact of technology in education?
19th Century Surgery vs. 21st century surgery - allows surgeons to do things that they couldn’t do before? Death by powerpoint is not something we should be teaching! Looking at environment - we are translating not transforming!

Fundamentals of education - what makes good teaching and learning?


Design activities that encourage students to think deeply. Cognitive demand is higher.
Sharing takes it further.

Building transparency and consistency.
Non - negotiables
Develop the people

Rewindable learning  

Arrange for feedback - app called show me or something similar

The wrong question - which is the best app for… the best app is the teacher in the classroom.

Session every week - what is one best thing you have done?
One best failure - what did you try and it did not work?

Using ibooks to be creating multimodes for students - free books from the olive tree

Measure the impact - how do you know that it has made a difference?

We need to be looking and transforming the ways we do things. "Opportunity is high - we are at a point where we need to understanding the global picture!"

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