uLearn Day Three: Brad Waid Breakout

From Shakespeare to Star Wars - Coding and storytelling tools

We are in an age where we can use technology to connect with the stories that we tell.
We have a rich history of storytelling - it served a purpose of lessons learned and passing down messages. Brad spoke about using tools beyond their intended purpose to transform learning for students. He talked about how the tool is a medium to show understanding.

These are the apps that he spoke about -
  • Puppet Pals
  • Shadow Puppert Edu
  • Toontastic (pic on phone) built in music for the story climax etc.
  • Story bird
  • Zimmer Twins!
  • Chatter Pix - Look at Jen Jones @hellojenjones
  • Write comics
  • Marvel Comics
  • Touch cast studio
  • Book Creator
  • Canva
  • Word Swag
  • Adobe Spark
Augmented reality
  • Chromville
  • Quiver
  • Crayola color alive
  • Atlas Trac Labs - programming robots
Coding (young to old)

To take this further I would love to work with Bloxels or Pixel Press floors to help support and create learning opportunities in coding for students. It was great to see some other apps and tools that support story telling. 

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