Unpacking Understanding of Learn Create Share

Today we had an awesome PLG session where we were challenged by our shared understanding of Learn, Create, Share and Manaiakalani’s definition of each step. We used The Learning Conversation Framework (Joan Dalton) (page 42 in particular) to help clarify and challenge our thinking.

It's funny because I had previously thought I had a good understanding of each stage... This is the slide show that I worked through earlier in the year.

The day included a run down of what we thought each step was and included, pairing this with each others ideas and then discussing why we were on a different wavelength to Manaiakalani. I think this was one of, if not the most powerful learning discussions that I have had. Working together to understand and challenge our own thinking lead us to having that ‘eureka’ moment, where there was clarity and complete understanding.

We talked about how we could help others to be on the same wavelength and to find their own clarity of the process.

The learning pit (James Nottingham) is the model that I felt I connected with in relation to our newfound understanding of Learn, Create, Share.

Our version of this looks a bit like this…
Learn - “An activity where the objective is to access and engage with existing knowledge.” Broken down into looking at what knowledge a student has, what knowledge they can build on and what knowledge exists in the wider world. Looking at the purpose of the next step creating - what is the outcome of the whole process for the learner.
Create - “Remixing prior knowledge with new knowledge and understanding.” The things we do as teachers to help create understanding, as well as, the things the students do to further their understanding.
Sharing - “Any activity that involves sharing of knowledge. The result is often building new knowledge connecting and collaborating with others.”  We also talked about how students should be seeking feedback/feedforward in the sharing phase which will take them back into the learning pit.

Here is a drawing I create to help share my thinking and understanding…

That is where I am at today… talking this through on a whole cluster level and getting everyone to have the same shared understanding is our next step…

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