Prep for Week 2 - Leadership

Reading: "Towards Reconceptualising Leadership: The Implications of the Revised NZC for School Leaders". 

"Looking into knowledge as a noun or verb." 

Before reading this text I already had the understanding that the front pages of the Curriculum document are the most important for our leaners. The understanding of partnership and also teaching Key Competencies were a part of my daily practise. After reading this text it became more clear that these are also the most important things for leaders to develop. 

"Katzenmeyer and Moller (2009, p. 4) assert that to tap into the potential of teacher leadership requires moving beyond changing policy, enforcing mandates, and offering professional development. These reform strategies are relatively easy compared to the challenges of guaranteeing teacher quality in every classroom, ensuring effective principal leadership, and engaging teachers in meaningful leadership responsibilities."

"She invited the participants to consider ‘red’ and ‘yellow’ conceptualisations of key themes in education. The colour red referred to knowledge conceptualised as a noun, the colour ‘yellow’ referred to knowledge conceptualised as a verb. The leaders were asked to match different statements about society, identity, conflict, answers, etc. with their corresponding colour and to discuss and justify their answers"
This is the task that we have been given in relation to our understanding of where our schools are at, below is my understanding (I have used the boxes as a continuum and have placed a green tick where I think it suits). 
I am looking forward to deepening my understanding of this in class. Through discussions and talking to others I feel that I gain a deeper understanding for myself. (Just like I would expect my learners to do!).

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