Inspired Research from Sir Ken Robinson

Today I took the time to reflect upon my teaching and lesson planning. I thought a good place to start would be with a video that has been talked about many times in leadership meetings, "Do Schools Kill Creativity?" ~ Sir Ken Robinson

I think there are so many great ideas that came out of watching this talk. But the one that really interested me was divergent thinking. In particular, I want to know how I can increase divergent thinking in my students to enable them to tap into their own creativity. 
The great example from the video that stemmed this thought process was around the use of a paper clip. Most people when asked what you could use a paper clip for would come up with 20ish ideas, people who are divergent thinkers could come up with hundreds. (They would think about the paper clip without limitations - it could be rubber or 10ft high etc.) I want my students to be thinking outside the box. In fact, I want my students to be thinking without the limitations of a box in the first place! 

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I really enjoyed reading this article Fuel Creativity with Divergent Thinking by Stacey Goodman. It has some great practical ideas to encourage positive classroom cultures. 
A Challenge from this article was the difference between "Good Judgement vs. Divergent Thinking." I also like the idea of sharing ideas quickly so that you can move on to more creative ideas. I feel like it is important to share as many ideas as you can and then weed them out afterwards. 

As always, this is just the beginning of my understanding. I just felt like I should document the thoughts I had and wanted to track my learning journey around this. I think it links very well into critical thinking and extended learning conversations - two areas that our cluster is inquiring into this year. 

I want to work on allowing more than one correct answer... Although I do encourage this overall, I feel like my students still end up with very similar ideas or at least share their ideas in very similar ways. How do you encourage diversity and originality? Maybe I am not allowing enough time to understand and identify the problem... 

That's all for now... I will continue to work on eliminating the square/box that we need to think outside of! 

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