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I have been trying to think of a way to share the resources I have created in an easy to find system that can be used by a range of people. The first thing I did was try a website - but I struggled to make it work effectively and look nice! So... 

I have started working on a blog to share my resources for stage four. I thought a blog would be easier to navigate with the labels and the search function. 

I haven't made resources for all of the knowledge or strategy yet - but this is the intention. I am trying to think about Learn Create and Share with each resource - I have done this better on some than on others. 

The students are enjoying working through the activities and are engaged in making screencastifys! I am really enjoying the positive progress they are making through having a purpose and an audience for their work! 

Here is what I have so far! 

Enjoy! Feel free to share/copy 

- Kelsey 

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