Next steps from Data 2018

Well... this year has taken off and we are already in week 7! It has been a while since my last post and I apologise. We were super fortunate to have the Woolf Fischer Research Team down to present our data from 2018 and give us an indication of areas we are doing well in and others that we need to improve in. WFRT also gave us some areas of inquiry for this year - which I will talk about below. 

Pockets of Promise: 

Students from year 0-1 are making accelerated progress and are getting close to meeting the National Norms after their first year! Well done Junior Teachers!

On average all students in writing made more than norm progress.
In three schools students ended the year with achievement higher than national norm.

Over two years (2016-2017) all students are still making more than expected progress in Writing.
On average our boys are making more progress than our girls in Writing.
All ethnicities made accelerated progress.

Future Focus/ Next steps:

50/50 split between students making accelerated progress and low achievement in Reading.
We are still making progress in Reading, just not enough progress - not the same amount as the National Norm. This is an area to look into as it is unusual to have higher Writing achievement than Reading. How can we accelerate progress in this area? Is critical thinking an area that needs to be developed for students to be successful in this area?

In general Students across all ages are (1 year) below the National Norm in Maths. We need to accelerate this in order to make progress. When looking into ethnicity Pasifika and Maori are on average 2 years below the National Norm - Why is this?

This is a great place to start for our inquires this year. The researchers always have me leaving with more questions. It is positive to have such clear information and data to think about.
I guess you will just have to wait and see which area I plan on focusing in on this year!

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