Spark-MIT Term 3 Meeting

It's great being back, these people are inspiring. The conversations are thought provoking and being here is always a pleasure! 

First of all we were asked to think about the Holy Grail - If everything in our inquiry went exactly to plan what would it look like? For my inquiry it would be all students achieving National Standard in Numeracy. Students sharing learning on their blogs and being able to comment and discuss what they have posted. 

Thinking about your inquiry and thinking flexibly - Is there an element that you could change or apply the SCAMPER model to?

My thinking was that maybe I could integrate Cyber Smart with Numeracy - get data from a range of ages - let the teachers take on the learn part while I support the create and share side of things? It is so important to teach interacting in a positive way online. This will help support both my inquiry and the Cyber Smart curriculum.

We then moved on to...
The Presentation…. 
6 minutes - Key note 
20 seconds per slide 20slides 
Re-craft to make it fit 
We talked about keynote and how to use it for this purpose! Dorothy then shared with us her own keynote. It was really helpful to see her modelling this for us. Sometimes seeing something happening is the best way to understand it! 

We discussed: 
What are you going to say in 6 minutes? Tell a story through one learner or one teacher?
Impact - what is it that you want to say? 
Tell through Data? Learner? Human Being. 
e.g. Karen Belt - this is James… this was his writing at the beginning of the year… etc. Fantastic model of what we should be looking at - we all decided that this would be at excellence level haha something to aim for!!! 

I am working through what I want to say and how I want to say it! Watch this space! ULearn is fast approaching! 


  1. I agree Kelsey. I find the SPARK days extremely useful in terms of idea sharing and collaboration. The fact that it is an entire day enables us to sink our teeth into decent chunks of our inquiry, or the inquiry process. The scamper model gave me an opportunity to reevaluate aspects of my inquiry that I could tweak or investigate further. I also agree with you about ULearn - it's just around the corner.

    1. Hey Hinerau, Firstly thank you for commenting on my blog! I hope your presentation at the Hui went smoothly - I am yet to have a practise run... am a bit concerned about filling the time!


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