Reflecting on my Journey So Far

End of Term 1 Update!

We are nearing the end of Term 1 and therefore I am asking myself: how am I going? Are the teaching and learning programs having impact? What is that impact? Is there anything I should be doing differently?

The Good
This term I have had an amazing student teacher in my class. This has meant that the students have had more teacher time and are making pleasing progress.

We completed 1:1 assessment for 50 students on stage 4 and 5.

Students are getting better at working together and are seeing the benefit of working in a group.

Using xtramath is improving students addition and subtraction facts.

Khan academy programs are providing students with focused activities. (multiplication, fractions, geometry, arrays).

Students are having some choice in the areas of math that they need to learn.

Students are beginning to manage their time and be with the teacher at the time their lesson starts.

Over the term the planning sheets, timetables, planning docs and other teachers working in has become easier and is starting to make more sense.

Things to improve
More create tasks - where students are sharing back what they know and how they know it.

More blogging what we have learnt and what we now know.

Teaching how to post for Numeracy.

Working the system with less hands on deck.

How to manage the space more effectively.

Different types of collaborative activity.

Looking into…
Individualised tasks that show collaboration at the end

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